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The Woman in my mirror.

There is a woman in my mirror. She is my reflection, but she does not reflect me. she does not reflect my ideals, belief, my thoughts. When I stand beside her, my mind and body changes, until I cannot recognize myself anymore.

This Madwoman, is being burnt alive.

Sometimes recovery seems like an impossible dream. It is a goal I have almost reached so many times in the last two years, but each time I reach the top of the metaphorical mountain something always seems to knock me back to the bottom. I have autism, adhd, anxiety and ocd, it is a long… Continue Reading →

Den helt rette, uforudsigelige timing

Hey. Min skønne søn på 16 forstod først for alvor her forleden, hvad det vil sige at have autisme – altså for ham. Jeg har fået tilladelse af ham, til at fortælle den korte historie her. Også bare for at sætte en streg under, i hvor høj grad at man, som afsender, er ansvarlig for… Continue Reading →


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